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I am a nature-loving female photographer who is happy to share photo tips, photo guides, film snippets, experiences and photos from around the world.

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Do you want to stand out in your industry? Give Shippey free rein then she will create unique images that tell you what your company is working on that your customers understand.

Customers buy from companies they know something about and that act genuinely.

Images from your own business gives a genuine and trusting impression to your customers.

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Fill Up Your Social Media Library

One of the most important tools a company has today is Social Media (SoMe) and it is becoming increasingly important, partly from a sales and marketing perspective but also from a support and customer question perspective. It places high demands on you as an entrepreneur or as an editor and creator of content. With the help of a media library that is constantly updated, you can feel comfortable that you always have the right photographs when you need to publish something on your social media.

Portraits of your colleagues

What people say about you when you are not in the room is the true value of your brand.

Your photographs and images that you use are all part of what people will thing of your brand. Let photographer Helen Shippey help you make sure its the story you want people to tell.

When you hire Shippey, you will meet a creative photographer who is happy to create a unique image. To help you stand out in your industry with the right images.

Byggarbetare som diskuterar över en ritning två män och en kvinna
Alexander Noren står på Ullna GOlf klubb med en putter i handen gör reklam för Hublot klockorna

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You do not need more information than that? Now you are faced with two choices — hire Helen Shippey or take a photo course.

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